Man of the Hour

An essential part of the betterment of self is the study of those who have gone before. Nothing is as inspiring as putting incredible individuals under a microscope to glean practical lessons, credos and examples.

I would prefer to reserve this section for individuals that are often looked over when surveying the past. We have all heard stories about George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi. While these men are truly something special, the due novelty of their staggering accomplishments has worn dull. The excitement their characters inspire has been unjustly thrown to the masses in irreverent fashion. For me, true education can only come from an internal desire to learn. Without rendering information to be personally precious it leaves us promptly and we certainly have a hard time internalizing, analyzing and remembering it.

To fight against the inevitable power of nature's entropy, I hope to here highlight individuals whose wondrous stories still have the power to rouse our faculties to improvement. I hope you can enjoy the study as much as I do.

Henry Knox

Giuseppe Garibaldi